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Founded in 1980, Headquartered in Wcega Tower, Singapore. AUTOVEYOR is a material handling specialist. We offer an excellent combination of outstanding project management, world class technical capability, innovative solution, prompt delivery which is supported by excellent engineering staff and experiences.

AUTOVEYOR’s core competencies are designing and manufacturing of turnkey material handling solution. Our project references can be traced to most major electronics industry worldwide.

AUTOVEYOR name is synonymous to quality, reliability and superior support. We have established factories and offices to serve our clients better.

Our Products range including PCBA, Factory Automation and Conveyors

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Vision & Mission

ACA was founded in May 2006. It is aiming at providing reliable automation equipment in manufacturing industry.

With advanced capability of manufacturing we ensure our client’ s products by providing qualities of competitive price, superior quality and high effectiveness assembly & testing equipments.

The main products are Auto's components assemply and perferance detection, electrical components assembly and detection equipments.

Code Of Business Conduct

Sets the standard of Autoveyor commitment to uncompromising integrity.


We earn customer loyalty by delivering our promises.


We compete aggresively with integrity.


As a global suppliers, Autoveyor creates products & provides service that benefit the industries.


We recycle, reuse & reduce waste. We make our place better one for next generations.

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